Our Team

Franck Beteta

Franck Beteta Vela: Founder, Sales Manager and Tour Organizer

Franck left his medicine studies for the love of the mountains. He worked many years as a mountain guide and tour operator for national and international agencies. Later he opened his own hostel and adventure travel agency in Huaraz. Using his years of experience, contacts and local knowledge he founded the new travel adventure agency AndinoTrek. Franck is a world-traveler with a passion for trekking, climbing and adventure sports.

Spoken languages: Quechua, Spanish, English & some Hebrew.
Cecilia Roth

Cecilia Roth: Founder, Administrator and Marketing Responsible

Cecilia was born in 1986 in Mar del Plata, Argentina. As her grandparents had Swiss roots she moved to Switzerland in her early childhood. After studying business administration and working many years in different companies she started a trip all around South America. Then she fell in love with the Andes and decided to stay. After working several years as co-manager in a hostel in Huaraz, she founded AndinoTrek together with her husband. Like our customers, Cecilia enjoys travelling, hiking and other outdoor activities.

Spoken languages: Spanish, Swiss-German, German, English and some French.
Wilder Bravo

Wilder Bravo: Webmaster

Wilder was born in 1985 in Huaraz, Peru. When he is not working on the computer he rides his mountain bike or takes part in mountain expeditions. He also likes traveling and Rock and roll music.

Spoken languages: Spanish, Quechua and English.
Melecio Escolastico Guerrero

Melecio Escolastico Guerrero: Official Mountain Guide

Melecio was born in 1986 in Huaraz, Peru. He is working as mountain guide for trekking, climbing and adventure sports.

Spoken languages: Spanish and English.
Cesar Rosales

Cesar Rosales: Official Mountain Guide

Cesar was born in 1982. He studied in the School of Guides don Bosco in the Andes of the operation Mato Grosso. Cesar is a very experienced Mountain Guide, he climbed mountains all over South America and in the Himalayas.

Spoken languages: Spanish, English and Italian.
Kelwin Alvarado

Kelwin Alvarado: Guide for Day Activities

Kelwin was born in 1992 in Huaraz, Peru. He is our guide for activities such as day-treks, rock climbing, canyoning and ziplining.

Spoken languages: Spanish, English, Italian and some French.
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