Trekking in Peru means very high altitude hiking and mountaineering. The higher you ascend, the cooler the temperature. Weather is unpredictable in the Andes, especially on high passes. It is important to stay warm and dry in order to fully enjoy the incredible wilderness of the Cordilleras! We offer the optimal equipment for all our treks and expeditions. All of our equipment is inspected, tested, cleaned prior to and after each use and replaced when worn-out.

Trekking Tents

Our trekking tents are top rated 4 season tents made by Doite or by The North Face.
Nice and roomy, these tents can comfortably fit 3 people, but we usually use them for 2 people. They are fully waterproof, support strong winds and have dual doors.

Sleeping Pads

Our sleeping pads are foam based mattresses that provide cushion and insulation.
We also have super comfortable, self-inflating sleeping pads for rent. Because sleep
is so individual we require that each customer bring their own sleeping bag.
Nevertheless, we have also sleeping bags for rent. Everyone is different,
some people stay very warm when they sleep and others need extra warmth.
A good night’s sleep is important when trekking and climbing in high altitudes.

Mountaineering Tents

For our mountaineering trips we use top rated expedition tents made by Doite or by The North Face. These tents can comfortably fit 2 people. They are fully waterproof, support strongest winds and have a good ventilation system.

Dining Tents

Most of our treks include waterproof dining and kitchen tents for meal preparation and group meals. We use solar lamps for lightning the group tents.

First Aid and Oxygen

We provide a first aid kit and emergency oxygen spray on all of our treks and expeditions. Our guides participate in first aid, CPR training and rescue courses annually.

All clear now?

If we didn't answer all of your questions on equipment, feel free to drop us a line anytime.