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We offer mountaineering courses in the Cordillera Blanca for beginners through to experienced climbers wanting to extend their technical skills, to lead climbs and become proficient with rescue techniques.

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Best Seasons:May to October
Popular Location:Vallunaraju, Yanapaccha

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Mountaineering Course on Vallunaraju

    Beginners Mountaineering Course

    3 Days

    Join our Beginners Mountaineering Course in the Cordillera Blanca with instruction on basic techniques and safety for first time climbers or people with only a little climbing experience. Course Duration    3 Days

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      Ice Climbing in Llaca

      1 Day

      A day trip ice climbing on Llaca glacier is a must if you haven’t tried ice climbing before. Climbing vertical ice walls on a glacier is unlike anything, and just being in the Llaca canyon surrounded by gorgeous mountain views…

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