Huaraz weather conditions are heavily influenced by its location at 3080 meters above sea level. Located in a valley surrounded by snowcapped mountains, the Huaraz weather conditions are the perfect example of the weather you can find in many of the highland towns in Peru.

April to October: Cordillera’s dry season offers the best trekking and climbing conditions.
The dry season is marked by clear sunny days and cold nights due to the lack of clouds. This also makes it the best season for trekking and climbing as the views become even more spectacular and the night skies filled with stars. Rain can occur but is very limited and mainly concentrated at night in this season. By the end of the dry season the vegetation can become somewhat browner as the drought has had its toll. During the day you can expect blue skies pretty much of the time. Since we are close to the equator and very high up, the sun can be very strong so always bring sun protection block, a hat and sunglasses. It is comfortable to trek in shorts and t-shirt. However when the sun goes in it can get cold very quickly so always have a warm jacket, fleece and long pants close at hand. You also need a good 4-season sleeping bag at night and a warm jacket, woolly hat and scarf.

December: A relaxed postseason atmosphere.
Some years the rain can start as early as October. However usually we just get a couple of heavy showers each week and the rest of the time it is sunny or overcast. The rain just lasts for a couple of hours and dries up pretty quick. Good gear for rain is recommended.

January to March: Wet and rainy, but appropriately geared trekkers enjoy the silence.
In the wet season, Huaraz weather is as you would expect is quite wet. In the beginning of the wet season this will be mainly during the day, but by January and February these showers can last for almost all day. In the beginning and end of the rainy season, the sun does shine often and views can be equally spectacular due to the clouds playing through the highest peaks. In this season the nights are less cold but due to the rain the temperatures can drop rapidly now and then. The wet season can last until the end of March. January, February and March are at the height of the wet season. During these months you can expect rain at any time. Bring good waterproof clothing, pack your sleeping bag within several plastic bags, and bring sun protection block and a good hat. In fact prepare for just about all four seasons in one day. Huaraz is generally very quiet during these months.