Your Local Expert for Trekking and Expeditions in the Cordillera Blanca and Cordillera Huayhuash in Peru.

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Live Your Own Adventure

All our tours are for adventurous people who like to be out in the mountains. We are looking for the simple life without luxury. We enjoy the closeness to nature and face the sporting challenges. But we also take our time to enjoy, time to switch off, time to discover something new. We pitch our tents in the open air and see the starry sky like never before. The nights are long and cold, the sunrises even more beautiful.

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Our Philosophy

As travelers ourselves, we want to challenge and inspire you while you bond with other like-minded travellers who also share a love for exploring new places and cultures. Our adventures are focussing on getting you outside of your comfort zone, allowing you to try something new and push your own personal limits. Each adventure has been graded to help you select a tour that is a good match with your fitness level.

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Sustainable Tourism

Our main office is based in Huaraz, the mountain capital of Peru. We realize a social and environmentally friendly tourism, with intensive contacts to the local population and authentic encounters. We prefer good local food and hospitality. We care about the well-being of the local people and their communities in the regions we visit and reward employees with fair wages.

Our Story

Behind every great journey, there is a long story.

How it all started

There are two faces behind AndinoTrek: Franck, a world traveler with a passion for trekking, climbing and adventure sports, who worked as a mountain guide and tour operator for national and international agencies for many years and later opened his own adventure travel agency hostel in Huaraz, Peru. Cecilia, with Argentine roots, raised in Switzerland, who studied business administration and after several years of work experience began a long journey all over South America and finally fell in love with the Andes and decided to stay.

Together, and with many years of experience, contacts and local knowledge, they founded AndinoTrek in 2015.

Our Connection

• The love to nature and wilderness of the Andes

• The passion to travel and actively explore new places

• The motivation for sporting challenges

• The fascination of meeting people and their way of life

• The power of the team and the shared experiences

• The responsibility to give our guests an unforgettable time

• The will to get the most out of your holidays

``Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.``

Why Choose AndinoTrek For Your Next Adventure?

Our Promise To You

Travel preperation

For an optimal preparation, you will receive useful information and checklists.


Teamwork, tolerance and mutual support are important to us.

Sustainable Travel

We respect the local people's culture and their individuality.


We insist on adequate acclimatization in height.

Local staff

We generate work and support the local population.

Innovative Tours

We are always looking for new destinations to share with you

Green Tourism

We leave nothing but footprints.


We find the right trip for your budget

What our customers love

Most Organized Tours in 2018

What our clients say about AndinoTrek

David from England: ``Our trek was from start to finish great organized! The group was mixed up with people from all over the world, the guides were professional and very friendly, so we hope to return to Huaraz soon.``

Thomas from Switzerland: ``The organization of the trip was great, the local contacts were friendly and competent, I am completely satisfied and I can 100% recommend AndinoTrek.``

Leila from Austria: ``The food was delicious, our guides could tell us a lot about the history of the country, the Inca culture and the nature around us, and they were also entertaining and always in a good mood.``

``It is not the mountain that we conquer, but ourselves.”


Only long-term partnerships with mutual trust lead to success!