Dayhike to Laguna Paron

    Acclimatization, 4x4 Trips

    Laguna Paron is a bright blue lake surrounded by spectacular snowcapped peaks, with the magnificent Artesonraju mountain, also known as “Paramount Pictures Mountain” (5885m) being situated directly at the head…

    from $ 180

      Urus & Ishinca Expedition


      The Ishinca Valley, is a popular destination for climbers who want to get to 5000 meter peak. From the valley we have fascinating views of Ishinca, Urus, Tocllaraju, Ranrapalco, the Palcarajus…

      from $ 1'570
      Climb Vallunaraju (5686m)

        Vallunaraju Climb (5686m)


        Climb Vallunaraju, a great beginner mountain and one of the few peaks in the Cordillera Blanca that can be climbed from Huaraz in only two days. A good peak for beginners…

        from $ 415
        Mountaineering Course on Vallunaraju

          Beginners Mountaineering Course


          Join our Beginners Mountaineering Course in the Cordillera Blanca with instruction on basic techniques and safety for first time climbers or people with only a little climbing experience. Course Duration …

          from $ 850